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<insertnamehere>, I CLAIM YOU~!

1/23/09 12:17 am - tiramiku_holic - claims..claims..claims..

hi there~

i would like to claim:
☆Yanagishita Tomo (3rd Gen's kaidou)
☆rikkaidai's niou & yagyuu petenshii da? nantodemo ie

thanks :D

11/3/08 07:54 am - digitalwing

Claiming. xD
  • The song, "Finalist" in Absolute King Rikkai ft. Rokkaku ~ First Service.
  • The Rikkai (+Rokkaku) cast dance moves during, "Fuurinkazan" in Dream Live 5th!
  • Claiming the actor, Kanesaki Kentarou. *gasp*

6/19/08 12:56 pm - uki_desu

I would like to claim:
Actor: Eiki Kitamura [Kawamura]
and myu song:
San Ka Shou (more than limit st. rudoplh)
also quote from more than limit st rudolph where KENN says "Kabocha iri karee ka? Hisashi buri da ze!"

thank you~

12/8/07 06:29 am - rourietosama - claims! claims! XD

first of all, I'm aruoka ;D
yoroshiku ne m(_ _)m/

I claim:
- Ookawa Genki [Kirihara Akaya]
- Yanagishita Tomo [Kaidoh Kaoru]

I claim:
- Minami Keisuke's hat (if you want to see the picture in here)
- Baba Tooru's neacklaces? If you want to see the picture in here (look at his neacklaces ;D).

 'coz I choose between minami's hat and Baba's neacklaces (>_<)/

-Makeru koto no Yurusarenai Ouja~Hijou no Tennis.

- Yanagishita Tomo x Setou Kouji

- Nakayama Masei, Hara Masaki, and Watanabe Kouji sang "DAKARA KATSU NO WA ORE DA!" with dork expressions *LOL*.

THANK YOU (>o<)/

5/26/07 06:41 pm - xellia - claim claim~


Could I claim:
1. Kitamura Eiki <3 (MoreThan Limit's Taka-san),
2. Konishi Hiroki (Ibu),
3. Konishi Hiroki's guitar from DL2?

thank you~ :D

5/20/07 08:22 am - kaollashiori

the community managers of tenimyu claims have been veryveryveryvery lazy indeed. ^_^

On behalf of mie girlie and me... mOm


And we will put our comms out of hiatus :D

yay for us!~


5/1/07 03:33 am - calembours - Claim!

Hey there~ I, regrettably, had to leave off Miyano Mamoru, but that's all right since he's already been claimed by a mod. ^^

Could I please claim:

- Ruito's banana from Rokakku backstage
- The Remember Hyoutei a cappella run-through from Rokakku Backstage
- The Moeruze BURNING! dance sequence from DL3

Thank you!

4/15/07 01:50 pm - kazura_uyurin

Hello I'd like to claim the pairing:

Nakagauchi Masataka X Baba Tooru

Thank you!

P.S. I've sent an email to one of the mods to give up one of my previous claims

4/2/07 11:05 pm - kalypartemis - Oretachi jimmies~.... not really.

Hullo~ ^^

Can I claim... Umm...

Kawakubo Yuuki's Dan headband
Kawakubo Yuuki's cool purple and green camouflage shirt(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-MPxgJQwRk <-That one)

And, since I only saw "Aiba Hiroki's KIRA Dance from DL3", can I claim Adachi Osamu's KIRA dance from DL3? xD;; Since, you know... same dance *Coughs*

1/8/07 06:22 pm - zelshamada

Wooow... to much power! xD

1- Nakayama Masei.
- Araki Hirofumi (Damn!)

2- The whole segment of Kantoku's *Itteyoshi* in the Supporter's DVD Hyoutei.

3- Araki's jewelry (rings and earrings).

Thanksssssssss!!! *Hug Masei*. n_n
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